Colin Brown

Most Excellent

Grand Superintendent

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Page RA Chapter No.3378

Page Chapter Workings

Friday 6th October once again bore witness to the “Page Chapter Workings”, at their Annual Installation Convocation held at Rainbow Hill.

As always the report mentions that, given the differences in this Chapters Workings, it always ensures the attention of the Companions.

The Convocation saw the Induction of E. Comps, Chris Firminger, into the Chair of Z, replacing E. Comp. Barry Benge and then in turn Inducting E. Comp. Barry back into the Chair of H. This was followed by Comp. M Pearman being Installed as J.

The Chapter were honoured by the presence of the Provincial “A” Team, E. Comps, Colin P T Brown, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, John M Phenix, P.A.G.Soj., Second Provincial Grand Principal, and E. Comp. John C Crowther, P.G.St.B., Third Provincial Grand Principal.

It is reported that there are 4 Prospective Candidates in the pipeline.

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