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A Unique Night at Northfield Chapter

Northfield Chapter

On Tuesday 28th November the Companions of Northfield Chapter and their Visitors witnessed the Proclamation of the 3 Principals for a Second Year in Office, E. Comps D Humpherson as Z, W Dunn as H and L Stringer as J:

Our picture shows the Principals: with E. Comp. Martin Hardeman, PPrGSN, CM, filling the H Chair due to E. Comps Dunn’s absence: accompanied by the Provincial Team led by the Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Colin P T Brown, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. John M Phenix, PAGSoj, and the Acting Third Provincial Grand Principal, E. Comp. Ian M Fothergill, PGStdB, PPrGJ.

This Convocation however saw a Unique Ceremony when the Acting Third Provincial Grand Principal had the privilege and honour of presenting not one or two but Four Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates, to Companions, P Southern, M Jennings, R Tomlins and B Rowe.

This ceremony provides ample proof of the hard work carried out by the Chapter who, several years ago, were challenged by the Grand Superintendent to recruit 10 Companions. To date they have Exalted 7 and have 4 Candidates for the forthcoming year. The Grand Superintendent not only congratulated the Chapter in general, but E. Comp. Paul Wong, PPrGSoj, in particular, who has been the “driving” force behind this magnificent recruitment drive.

A magnificent recruitment drive   

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