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Oh What a Night!

Wigornia Chapter Principals, MEGS, Dep GS, 2nd and 3rd, Prov Grand Principals, the Presentation Team.  E. Comp. David Shrimpton, ProvADC the current J

On Wednesday 29th November the Companions of Wigornia Chapter provided an Invitation to the Provincial Presentation Team to demonstrate the Installation Ceremony in accordance with the Worcestershire Workings.

An excellent audience of some 63 Excellent Companions, including a Retinue of Grand Officers and Companions, filled Number 1 Lodge Room at Kings Heath to witness this Demonstration.

The team, led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Colin Peter Thomas Brown: who found himself as the Narrator for the evening following the indisposition of E. Comp. Geoff Weston due to ill health: comprised E. Comps, Derek Owen, Z, John Yeates, H and Ian Fothergill, J, all who hold the rank of P.G.Std.B., and are Past Provincial Third Grand Principals with E. Comp. David Shrimpton ProvADC as the incoming J.

E. Comp. Tim Jones G.Std.B., the Provincial DC, who has been responsible together with E. Comp. Geoff Weston in putting the Demonstration together, kept a very close eye on the proceedings.

The Ceremony illustrated various important facets which, in the most part, were fully explained by the Narrator, especially with the “Taking of Obligations” when it was stressed that:

  • The Comfort of the Individual must be taken into account i.e. Can he Kneel, does he need a Chair to kneel on or even Stand whilst reciting his Obligation which,
  • Must be taken holding the VSL over the Pedestal.
  • The correct way to demonstrate the signs of the 3 Chairs.

It also saw a Principal correcting his delivery when realising he had made a mistake and receiving a wrong prompt, started his delivery again.

It was an excellent evening and the audience were very complimentary to the Team for the excellence of their work.

In summing up the evening the MEGS stated that the intention was not just to show how it should be done but to encourage Chapters throughout the Province to seek to follow the rubric and guidelines as printed in our own Provincial Ritual Book.

Our photograph shows the Wigornia Chapter Principals with the MEGS, Dep GS, 2nd and 3rd, Provincial Grand Principals and the Presentation Team. (Note: E. Comp. David Shrimpton, ProvADC is the current J of Wigornia Chapter)

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