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Provincial Demonstration Team

Mosaic Chapter

On Thursday 7th December the Provincial Demonstration / Presentation Team were once again in action, this time at Mosaic Chapter when the Commentary on the Ceremony of Exaltation was presented.

The Provincial Team comprised E. Comp. Derek Owen, PGStB, PPrGJ, together with E. Comp's Alan Bolton and Paul Sturdy, all under the watchful eye of the Provincial DC, E. Comp. Tim Jones GStB.

The team were well received - there was a good audience - 31 companions including two newly exalted companions - Richard Macey being one of them the other journeyed to be with us from the Province of Warwickshire.

Mention was made that we were without both E. Comp's Jeremy Mallin and Geoff Weston and our best wishes for their speedy recovery was recorded.

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